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Fancy Rats and Teddy Bear Hamsters are available now. Come over and pick our your new furry friend.

Locate the right pet for your family or store by browsing our selection of hamsters. FURBALL CRITTERS offers non-biting dwarf hamsters, long hair Syrian hamsters (teddy bear), and fancy rats at retail and wholesale prices for families and pet stores. Visit us in Santa Cruz, California, to pick out your new pet today.

Choosing a Family Pet

long-hairWhen you’re ready for a new family pet, come to Furball Critters to choose a furry friend. We will give you personal service and educate you about the animals before you leave. Come down and hold them and we will assist in the choosing of your new friend. Our staff provides you with information on care, and we include either some Lab Blocks or Radco Enriched Hamster® food with each purchase.

Non-Biting Hamsters

FURBALL CRITTERS breeds dwarf hamsters with good temperaments, which makes them safer for kids. We use breeders with good temperaments to get babies with good temperament! It’s all in the breeding! We offer a non-biting guarantee and on the off chance that you do get a biter, are happy to trade it out for another hamster within one month of purchase.

Delivery: Store delivery is available within the San Francisco Bay Area with a 10 animal minimum.

Hamster Species

Note: Dwarf Hamsters tend to be territorial, so if you plan to have 2, it’s best to buy them young and already together. Most of the time, two unfamiliar adults won’t get along if placed together. If you want to try an introduction, put them both in neutral territory such as an empty, clean Kritter Keeper. Watch them constantly for at least 10 minutes and remove one should a fight break out. If they pass the introduction, house them in a clean cage free from either of their smells to help discourage one defending its territory, and continue to monitor them closely for a few days.

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$59.99 without ramps or $66.99 with ramps

28x17x29.5"H, Large, 3 level rat cage. Great for multiple rats. ½ “ wire spacing, 3 spring latch doors, 2 shelves, 2 ramps (optional), food dish, deep black plastic base to help control shavings.

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News & Announcements

August 10, 2019

Illegal Pet Rodents in California

We do not have any of these animals, they are illegal in California: Ferrets, Gerbils, Hedgehogs, Gambian giant pouched rats, Prairie dogs, Flying squirrels, sugar gliders, wild squirrels, Degu, Capybara, Nutria, Raccoon, Skunk
April 22, 2019

New Chinchilla Kits

2 KITS BORN 6/4/19 NOW ACCEPTING $50 DEPOSITS TO HOLD ONE FOR YOU UNTIL 9/4/19!  Go to Products, Chinchilla deposit if interested. Dam is Salli, beige Sire is Macon, brown velvet Mom and kits are doing great!  Salli is doing a stellar job.  She is a very protective mom and I am giving her space, so […]
March 3, 2019

First Kits of 2019

Born 2/13/19, Dam is Tolima, Extra Dark Ebony; Sire is Macon, Brown Velvet Mom and kits are doing great!  Tolima is doing a stellar job.  

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