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Hamster Cages

Because Syrian hamsters are such escape artists, I recommend a strong cage that they can’t chew through or push their way through. I like to use terrariums (glass or acrylic tanks with wire mesh tops) but they need to be set up so the hamster can’t climb to the top and push or chew a hole in the screen. It is best to use a tall enough tank, such as a 30 gallon, and make sure they can’t climb the water bottle, toys, hideouts, or wheels and reach the top and pull themselves over to make the great escape.

Kids love the Crittertrail multi level cages because of the tubes and multiple climbing levels, but these are way too small and difficult to clean. They are far below the ideal cage size of 600 square inches of uninterrupted floor space. A cage should never go below a 400 square inches footprint, this does not count platforms. An example of a solid cage which meets the 600 sq in is the Prevue 528 Universal Small Animal Cage. It is a very large and well built cage, with a plastic shelf and ramp and 2 large doors.

Dwarf hamsters can use a 20 gallon long as long as there isn't anything in it that they can climb and get out. Use a hanging type of water bottle such as the LIXIT hanging aquarium water bottle. Hamsters can't climb on the water bottle. This is available at my store.

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