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  • Chinchilla Deposit


    Non-refundable deposit to hold a chinchilla

    Local pick-up only. No shipping.

    Deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind, but if the issue is on my end the deposit will be refunded.  Pick up adults within 2 weeks.  Kits can go home when they are weaned, by 3 months old.  Remaining cost plus tax due on or before pick-up.

    Adult female extra-dark ebony, $60 plus 9% tax.
    $60+5.40 tax = $65.40.  Subtract $30 deposit = $35.40 due by pickup.

    Gray female kit, $150 plus 9% tax
    $150+13.50 tax = $163.50.  Subtract $50 deposit = $113.50 due by pickup


    First come, first served.


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