Hamster Species

Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are fast and active; because of this they very difficult to hold and are not recommended for young children. They are very easy to care for and have little smell. They are Agouti color. They are more fun to watch when you have 2 or more.

Campbell's Dwarf Hamsters

Campbell dwarf hamsters come in a variety of colors and are good for kids over 6. They can be held for short periods of time, but should be held over a box in case they squirm between your fingers or jump. They can be put in small hamster balls that allow them to roam around the house. The dwarfs can handle cold rooms or garages just fine, heat is their enemy. They originally came from Russia, and even have fur on the bottom of their feet for insulation!

Teddy Bear Syrian

Teddy Bears are the long haired variety of Syrian hamsters. They are larger, and slower and much easier to hold than the dwarfs. These are the best choice for first pets for young kids. They tend to sleep more than the dwarfs when they get older, and aren't as much fun to watch, but are more aware of their surroundings and their people than the dwarfs. They are easy to tame as long as you move slowly, quietly and patiently.