Available Animals


Prices are retail and 8.5% sales tax will be added. Contact us for wholesale pricing. Free pet store delivery with minimum of 20 animals.

No shipping. Also, consider adoption, we sometimes have retired breeders and rescued animals to rehome. Adoptions are half price.


  • Rats $15
  • Dwarf Rats $25
  • Hairless Rats and Merle or Marble Rats $25
  • Teddy Bear Syrian hamsters $20, 4-8 weeks
    • $10 for over 8 weeks old
    • ¬†Retired breeders 1+ years old are $5 and make good class pets.

  • Tortoiseshell or tri-color teddies $25
  • Campbell's dwarf hamsters $10
  • Roborovski dwarf hamsters $10
  • Young Gray Chinchilla $125
  • Young Color Mutation Chinchilla $165

Available Animals: March 2018

Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, at least 20 males and 30 females of many different colors

Male rats – 5 black Berkshire.
Female dwarf rats of various colors

Also have 2 pairs of rescued male rats to rehome.  Rescues are half price.

More baby rats will be available starting the end of March.

Teddy Bear Syrian hamsters – 6 females and 3 males.

Chinchilla adults to rehome:
One year old light ebony female chinchilla $50,
Pair of bonded gray male chinchillas 2 and 3 years old $50 for both,
Sweet adult male mosiac chinchilla named Bolivar about 7 years old $75,
Adult medium ebony female chinchilla named Chani about 4 years old $50,
Adult medium ebony female chinchilla named Tumisa about 3 years old $50,