Because Syrian hamsters are such escape artists, I recommend a strong cage that they can't chew through or push their way through.  I like to use terrariums (glass or acrylic tanks with screen tops) but they need to be set up so the hamster can't climb to the top and chew a hole in the screen.  It is best to use a tall terrarium, such as a 20 gallon tall, or if using a standard height, use a water bottle that they can't climb and make sure they can't climb on toys, hideouts or wheels and reach the top.

A better way to solve the escape problem is to use wire tank toppers. They give the animal twice the floor space, makes it easier to feed and water them, and is very secure! If one escapes now, I’ll change their name to Houdini!

Below are examples of cages suitable for hamsters. Kids love the Crittertrail multi level cages because of the tubes and multiple climbing levels, and this one also has a compartment at the top where the hamsters spent most of their time, making it easy to pick them up through the door on the top. The one issue I have with these types of cages is that they are more difficult to clean.If this is your only cage and it isn’t overcrowded, then this wouldn’t be an issue, but for a breeder, these cages are too much trouble to clean.


I prefer terrarium cages for my dwarfs, and tank toppers for my Syrian hamsters and rats, or plastic bottom cages with wire spacing at 1/2 inch.

This is my prototype cage.  I built the wire topper myself, and designed and had built the plexiglass "tank" locally.  I am testing it to make sure I like it, then I will make more of them for my use.
I am considering selling some in the future.  Let me know if interested.  They can be built to custom specs.

Cages for Sale

These are a few of the cages which are available for sale at our location.

All Living Things Rat Home $59.99
28L x 17W x 29.5″H
Large, 3 level rat cage. Great for multiple rats. ½ “ wire spacing, 3 spring latch doors, 2 shelves, 2 ramps, food dish, deep black plastic base.
Prevue Hamster Haven Large
21 5/8 L x 13 3/8W x 14 1/4″H
Two-level cage features two access points. Includes 1 platform, 1 slide ramp, 1 hideaway dome, and 1 exercise wheel. ½ “ wire spacing. Also have exercise wheels, water bottles, food bowls, hideaways, hammocks, and other small animal supplies.
Kaytee Rat Home $44.99
25L x 12W x 14″H
Deeper base prevents bedding and litter from spilling out of the cage. Multiple levels promote healthy activity. Solid plastic shelves and ramps are safe and comfortable for pets and easy to clean. 1/2 ” Wire spacing prevents escapes Prevue Hamster Haven $43.99 17 3/4L x 11 3/4W x 17 3/4″ H Tri-level cage features two access points. Includes 2 platforms, 2 slide amps, 1 hideaway dome, and 1 exercise wheel. ½ “ wire spacing.